I’ve been laughing for a year. This is Gail’s ‘aha! moment’. The moment she realized she’s already in a relationship with this woman. Or it’s somewhere between here, being thrown into a room with very little resistance or protest and being mildly scolded about putting her life in danger.


I kind of want all our videos to have a slightly cinematic feel to them and I kind of wanted get away as much as possible from doing the typical performance videos. As a bit of a film geek it’s just nice to be remotely involved in the process of making a video and awkwardly I had to be in a couple of them, but hopefully that will change!


Emily Deschanel for LAIKA magazine - Issue four  2014 “The Future Issue”



If you’ve ever wanted a gif of Charlotte Sullivan eating a muffin, you’re welcome.

this is exactly how i imagine gail eating the cupcake in “soft.”

This is close to, if not the best gif that has ever existed.

Tina’s daughter Alice recently turned 9


Guess I hurt her feelings. She doesn’t have feelings. [requested by anonymous]

Chris Pratt | Glamour magazine, August 2014